About Us

Grupp Digital, LLC was established in 2014, and focuses on building lasting relationships with different organizations throughout the United States. We help organizations in the SMB market-place with custom web development, Oracle Cloud ERP solutions, process development, digital marketing, branding, and public relations.


Our Vision

We believe every business should have the opportunity to have excellent technology and a beautiful interface. Through technology planning and execution, we make this possible, enabling small and medium sized businesses to stabilize and scale.


Our Approach

Instead of focusing on a technical approach, we believe in a needs-based one that identifies the value-stream and integrates technical activities into the achievement of this business value.  We work side by side with you in properly identifying how to integrate this technical solution into your organization. By combining the business value-stream and a needs-based approach, we make recommendations and accomplish projects that help your business move the needle and assist your product or service-line in getting across the finish line in every race it runs.


Our Standard of Care

In all things our standard of care consists in delivering excellence, innovative solutions, and following industry-proven processes. Since our success is tied to your success, we roll up our sleeves to work side by side with you to identify how to best integrate a technical solution into your organization.  We work hard at informing ourselves so that we can execute good judgment in our decisions and recommendations for you.  We strive always to act with courtesy as we work alongside you and your team. Throughout the entire process we always work diligently for your success.