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We always recommend SSL. Google gives you perks just for using it. And sometimes there is no option.

Protection for any information that could lead to monetary loss or legal consequences in the event of compromised privacy is crucial. It is to these areas that you should look when assessing how to use SSL. Here are some examples of when you would be advised to use SSL:

  • 1. User authentication (Passwords and Logins) to allow access to restricted information
  • 2. Processing Financial Information (online orders, credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.)
  • 3. Transferring or storing sensitive data: Social Security Numbers, IDs, Birth Dates, License Numbers, etc.
  • 4. Any kind of Medical Information
  • 5. Any kind of Proprietary or Confidential Information, Legal Documents, Contracts, Client Lists, etc.
  • 6. Some websites go as far as protecting entire Customer Account areas and all of sign-up forms used to collect information from customers.